Scratch and Reveals

Modified on Mon, 18 Sep 2023 at 11:57 AM

Before you start: 

Scratch and reveals are added from within the Landing Page Wizard. So first, you'll need to create a new landing page or edit an existing one. 

This component requires two images, one that sits on top and gets rubbed away (referred to as the ‘top’ or ‘overlay’ image) and another that sits below and is revealed (the ‘bottom’ image). These images should have the same dimensions. Alternatively, you could have plain text underneath the top image.

Click the images below to enlarge

Once you are in the Landing Page Wizard, navigate to the Content Block of your choice, and click the finger icon highlighted to the right. This produces a pop-up window, that allows you to select the image displayed on the top of your scratch and reveal

Click within the dashed border to upload the image you wish to use. You may alter the dimensions at this stage, or come back to edit it later. Click insert to confirm.

Within the Landing Page editor, we suggest a maximum width of 320px. By this, we mean that the image should take up no more than 320px on the screen/page, so as to avoid scrolling issues.

The remove after x% value means that after the user has removed x% of the top image, the rest will automatically be cleared to reveal the full bottom image. This is useful when the bottom image is a link - as it will not be clickable until the entire top image has been cleared.

Once you click insert, an empty dashed border will appear in the editor. Think of this as the 'outline' of where your top image will sit. This helps give an indication of the dimensions your top image will take up, so you can position the bottom image or text underneath. The icons seen in the bottom right allow you to edit (update dimensions, change the top image) or remove the scratch and reveal it entirely.

To view the image on the top of the scratchie, you will need to send yourself a test message and view the page on a mobile device.

To insert your bottom image, make sure your focus (cursor) is inside the dashed border, and click the image icon. 

Alternatively, you may add plain text underneath your scratch image. For testing purposes, this is fine. Scratch and reveals generally look better with an image underneath.

Find and upload the image you would like to use on the bottom of your scratch and reveal. Once uploaded, you can update the dimensions by clicking on ‘change size’ below. You can change the image at any point without affecting your scratch and reveal. This includes updating the dimensions, swapping the image, adding an external link, etc.

Please note, that the preview window only shows the bottom image. To view the scratchie as a whole, you will need to send yourself a test and view it on a mobile phone

That’s everything, you have now made a scratch and reveal. All that is left is to send it to yourself to test it out. You may find that you’ll need to update the sizing to get it looking perfect. Remember, once you update and save your landing page, there is no need to send another message, the same link will have the updated version, just refresh the page.

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