Creating a Landing Page

Modified on Mon, 18 Sep 2023 at 11:45 AM

Landing pages are bespoke single page websites that can be accessed by your campaign recipients. This is achievable via an HTTP link sent via SMS or Email. To create one, you will need to navigate to Landing Pages, which is found under Content in the dashboard menu.

To create a new landing page, click

You may also see the following options and

These options only affect the appearance of the Landing Page Wizard, and can be changed at any time. If you select the video option you will see a placeholder video within the Preview Window. This is a visual guide to help you get a feel for where all of the elements of your page will appear. You can add the placeholder yourself if you require. This is done on the Page Settings tab within the Landing Page Wizard.

Just add a name for your landing page, and click  

Once you have named your new Landing Page, you will be navigated to the Landing Page Wizard, where you are able to customise the page.

Before you start adding content to your page, have a look around the Landing Page Wizard. Take note of the Preview window on the right hand side, it will remain in place as you navigate through the wizard, and will update as elements are added to the page. You will notice that the page is broken up into sections, this is to make it easier to arrange elements on the page. 

Each tab on this Wizard deals with a different content block, with the last few tabs managing general page and distribution details. The best way to learn where everything is is to have a click around and explore. Here is a quick overview to get you started. 

Header Section: This is the very top of the page. We recommend displaying your brand logo here.

Content Block A: Content in this block sits above your video, if you have one. 

Content Block B: Content in this block is displayed below your video and above your form (if using).

Content Block C: This is the very bottom of the page. We recommend giving your recipients a chance to unsubscribe from your communications here

Form Settings - Here, you are given the option to choose a form to be displayed on your landing page. You may choose to select an existing form, or create one. Once selected, the chosen form will appear in the preview window. If you would like to edit the form, you are able to do so from content -> forms

Page Settings - Here is where you are able to add padding (header padding is in the header section) as well as a background image or colour. 

Campaign Preview Settings - The options you will see on this page are related to what your recipient sees on their device.

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