Managing Opt-Outs

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Managing Opt-Outs

The Tall Bob platform provides several ways customers can manage the Opt Out status of their recipient lists:

  • Opting out of an Individual Mobile Number

  • Direct upload of a CSV File

  • Inbound Message Keyword e.g "stop", "unsubscribe" etc

  • Using Opt-Out Links in messages

  • Using the API

This guide will explore the different mechanisms available from a developers perspective in which you can receive Opt-Out status updates, and make changes to them such as:

Managing Through the Platform

Within the platform, you can enter individual mobile numbers to be opted out or upload a CSV list of numbers you want to opt-out

Opting out of an Individual Mobile Number

Uploading a CSV list of Mobile Numbers to Opt Out

Using the API

Opt-Out status by Contact

The Tall Bob APIs provide an endpoint called Update Contact the endpoint allows you to manage Opt-Outs at a Contact Level, this method of managing Opt-Outs is best used for scenarios where a contacts mobile number is likely to change over time but the Opt-Out status must be maintained

Opt-Out status by Mobile Number

The Tall Bob APIs provide an endpoint called Modify Consent the endpoint allows you to manage Opt-Outs at a mobile number perspective and is commonly used for handling things like Do Not Call Registers, numbers in this endpoint will not receive messages irrespective of if a Contact with the same number is included in a send via the Tall Bob platform. 

The Endpoint accepts two inputs

  • Mobile number in E.164 format

  • type (opt-in|opt-out)

Automating Opt-Out Links in Messages

Tall Bob supports the automatic generation of Opt-Out links when sending messages, whether you are sending a Plain SMS, SMS with a landing page or an MMS, you can embed an Opt-Out link in your message simply by including the place holder {OptOutLink} the Tall Bob system will then detect this and replace it with a short URL similar to this can be done through the use of the any of the relevant API endpoints associated with sending messages via Tall Bob

Helpful Stuff

  • Looking for definitions that revolve around the Mobile, SMS and Telco Industries, then click here

  • Looking for those pesky API docs that don't have all of the waffle like above and just get straight down to business, then go here

  • Other helpful developer documents can be found here

If you ever need further assistance or someone to point you in the right direction you can email the team at

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